About Carmela Pop

I’m Ana, the baker, photographer and (full time) eater behind this blog. Also in case you are wondering I believe that sprinkles make everything better and that cupcakes totally count as breakfast.

I created this site on 2015 to share how to make showstopping treats,  after moving from my home country, where I owned a small bakery, all the way up to Upstate NY. So if this is the first time you are going to make a cake in your entire life, if you love cute desserts but believe that they are too hard to make, or if you want to create a bakery style treat in no time you are in the right place.

Besides that I love exercising, kayaking, watching pug pictures, talking about my imaginary sheep pet, and stuffing my face with everything that has some kind of frosting. Also, I hate washing dishes and yes, I can eat cake for every meal (is it wrong that I’m actually proud of that?)


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