• Easiest Black Forest Cake

    This is the easiest black forest cake recipe you’ll ever find. Less than 45 minutes to make from start to finish this black forest cake will take you straight your Germany. I’m a HUGE fan of German desserts, actually I could live for Apfelstrudel (I know, I know, it’s technically Austrian), Lebkuchen cookies and I’m

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  • How to boost your energy levels

    This post is sponsored by MAX by MAXWELL HOUSE Lately I’ve been so incredibly busy it has been almost insane. With a crazy work schedule and clocking in more hours than I thought it was possible, a full roster of baking classes and in the middle of a commercial space remodel (to give said baking

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  • Spicy Vodka Margarita

    There are good recipes, there are popular recipes and then there are the hottest recipes ever. This spicy vodka margarita made with KINKY Vodka and a whole lot of flavor is the hottest drink you’ll ever have. And you’ll see the thing with drink recipes is that they are simple, they use very few ingredients

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