Happiness to do list: Go for a Shamrock Shake

I love lists, you know the ones you make where you include all the things you want to accomplish in a certain time frame. More than making them I love crossing things off and feeling productive and accomplished. So this month I decided to create a just for fun list full of cool, delicious and really awesome things that make my heart spark with joy.

Happiness to do list: Go for a Shamrock Shake

Think of it as a happiness to do list. Cool right?

The first thing that’s included in there? Go to McDonald’s for a Shamrock Shake. To say that I’m excited about the Shamrock season it’s a total understatement, and honestly you should be excited as well!

Because can we please talk for a minute about how delicious those beverages are? They are OMG so good I can’t contain myself. The type of good that makes you not only want to order it, but that becomes a must do of your day.


And the other fun thing? They are going to be available for a limited time only, which only makes things more exciting (head to McDonald’s ASAP my friend). You can try the Shamrock Chocolate Madness between February 7th and March 21st.

The other thing? The beverages are revamped, so they added some chocolaty flavor to the Shamrock Shakes, so it’s a great quick treat to have when you are running around doing errands.


I went to McDonald’s and ordered 2 different versions, (because why only have one if you can have 2?) a hot one and the classic and they are as good as you can imagine. They also have this really cool offer available where if you purchase 5 Shamrock drinks at different times you get a free one (hey McDonald’s APP you are rocking it!)

What I also really appreciated is that not only you are getting yourself a big glass of happiness but you are also collaborating with those in need thanks to the Ronald McDonald House Charity Week. Between March 11th and March 17th McDonald’s is going to donate 25 cents for each Shamrock product sold (and we all know how much that can add up!).


So, create a happiness to do list my friend, go to McDonalds and fill your heart with some good Shamrock Shakes.


Author: Ana

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