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The best thing about recipes is that they become an integral part of your life and family, I mean, I’m pretty sure you can remember your grandma’s cake or your mom’s delicious lemonade or the way your dad’s BBQ tasted. You probably have a clear idea of how your aunt used to make Christmas cookies and you are always asking your best friend to bring those post-breakup cupcakes. Recipes become something that you remember for years to come and that remind you of your family and loved ones.


So needless to say when you are looking to give a heartfelt gift there’s nothing quite like a good recipe book full of the family loved tried and true recipes. I know, I know what you are thinking how on earth am I going to be able to make a recipe book with all the recipes we love? Easily my friend much easier than you think. You are going to be using Blurb.


If you have never heard of Blurb before you are missing big time. Blurb is an on-demand book printing service that’s the best thing someone could have invented. You just pop in your book, click a couple of buttons and voila they ship your way a beautiful, hardcover or softcover book. Can we just all agree that’s pretty much the most amazing thing ever? After you get it in the mail you just need to wrap it, tie a nice bow and send it to your loved ones and voila! All done.

I actually just created a photo book with my blog’s favorite recipes to send it to my grandma who would love to read them (and doesn’t know how to use a computer) but you can really make it with whatever topic you prefer. Here are my favorite recipe book ideas:

  1. Grandma’s best desserts
  2. Dad BBQ creations
  3. Mom’s dinner party favorites
  4. (your last name) Must-Have Thanksgiving Recipes

Seriously the sky is the limit. Once you have the topic you would like to work on it’s time to start gathering your favorite recipes. That’s also a great excuse to get in touch with relatives and catch up with family members. Do your research and write everything down. After all, it’s a book that I’m pretty sure is going to get shared quite a bit.


Once the step of recipe writing it’s done it’s time to design your book. I’m not a designer AT ALL I’m just a girl who loves to cook, so when I realized I was supposed to design my book I freaked out. But then I realized how easy Blurb was to use, and that I could upload my own images or pdfs, I felt reassured.

You can add images or upload PDFs to Blurb (aka your new book best friend) and then just follow the steps. Seriously, it is as easy as giving a couple of clicks here and there. The platform is super intuitive and they guide you through the whole process.


Once you place your order they start printing your book (pick a couple of copies since they are really affordable!) and then they send them to you over mail. Check them out for yourself and create a unique gift for your loved ones!


Thank you to Blurb for sponsoring this post!

Author: Ana

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