Yellow Brownie Cake

Have you ever craved two desserts at once? because gosh it happens to me every single time! I crave cakes and brownies, or brownies and cookies, or muffins and donuts at the same time. But honestly, who has time for baking both of them right? I mean I definitely don’t want to stop mid-Netflix binge to bake two completely different desserts from scratch.


And there’s where these food hybrids come in so handy. They are you two favorite desserts all combines into one easy to bake huge yellow brownie cake (or any other thing you pick to make)


These cake si moist, it’s fluffy and it’s perfect. The brownie layer is also incredibly fudgy and so chockful of flavor I still can not believe it. I mean both of them combined are so awesome I’m seriously wondering why I never made this any time sooner. And yes they are delicious for the holidays and incredibly festive and a total crowd favorite because hello brownies and yellow cake being total crowd pleasers.


But I have, to be honest with you, I did not make this cake from scratch, Well I did but I didn’t. I used a mix and oh boy its’s amazing. As in next level amazing. As in you should probably head to your local grocery store and purchase all the Immaculate Baking boxes they have because it’s pretty amazing (hint: her’es a coupon if you are feeling extra budget savvy!)


This is one of the first times ever I use a boxed mix and I just want to use them for everything. they are really good and best of all you save a ton of time which comes especially handy during this holiday baking crazy season.


If you have never heard about Immaculate Baking before you are missing big time. they are committed to creating wholesome baking products and most of them are actually certified organic or gluten free. They are also incredibly versatile and you can use only one flavor, combine them like I did or customize them with nuts, chocolate chips or dried fruit. Here are some mind-blowing delicious recipe ideas 


But back tho the brownie yellow cake. Make a huge batch for Thanksgiving and another one for Christmas and maybe a couple more of them here and there. It’s so amazing that there’s really not a single party or get together where this would not be the best addition.

To make it just follow the directions on the box, pour the brownie batter into a prepared pan and top with the yellow cake batter. Take to the oven and bake for 30 minutes or until done. It’s that easy.


Author: Ana

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